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Portable Concentration Detector for Output Ozone ZAMT-G100

  • Min. Order:10 Set(s)
  • Date of Delivery:30 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Port:Qingdao
Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Shandong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
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Model No.: ZAMT-G100 Brand: QIANYAN Place of Origin: China
Packing: Cartons Dimension: 195*121*56mm Weight: 0.3kgs
Measuremen Range: 1 - 100mg/L

Portable Ozone Concentration Detector for Output Ozone

Model: ZAMT-G100


ZAMT-G100 portable ozone concentration detector is mainly used for ozone concentration detection. It's compact in size and easy to operate, with UV LED light source system and built-in exhaust treatment system, providing stable and high precision measurement data. 

ZAMT-G100 ozone concentration detector is a high-tech product for the specific application of photoelectric conversion detection technology, which adopts advanced microprocessor control technique and single-wavelength ultraviolet light source, taking advantage of the absorption characteristic of UV light by ozone and designed according to Beer-Lambert law, featuring long design life, high data stability and precision, convenient use and maintenance, and simple operation.



1.Color touch screen, pleasing to the eyes and easy operation.

2.Advanced micro-processor and single-wavelength UV LED light source system guarantee stable and high precision measurement data.

3.Built-in exhaust treatment system, reducing ozone into oxygen then discharged with no pollution to the air.

4.High accuracy of measurement range of 0 - 100mg/L, value displayed by 0.1mg/L.

5.Different display units of mg/L, μg/L and ppm for your preference.


Technical Parameters:

Measurement Range:0 - 100mg/LOzone inlet diameter: inside 2mm,outside 4mm
Display accuracy:0.1mg/LMains input:12V DC 1A
Precision rate:±3%Dimension:195mm(L)×121mm(W)×56mm(H)
Display Units: mg/L, μg/L, ppmWeight:0.3kg
Ozone input flow:1.0±0.3L/minCalibrating cycle(return to the manufacturer):18 months
Ozone input pressure:Max.1bar(0.1MPa)


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